1. more life drawing! :)

    30 min, willow charcoal. 

  2. that guy’s glasses had transparent frames, which i thought was cool.

  3. Park Sketching.

    [text reads: “These two took a selfie in front of me. I wonder if I’m in their photo.”]

  4. I’m sort of working on developing a style. Currently it’s predominantly driven by large eyebrows and curvy lines but I’m okay with that. :) 

    I never wanted to force myself to develop a style because I want to be as skilled and well rounded as possible in a range of styles, and I felt that having an artistic style of my own would limit that. That was kind of silly though because drawing one way doesn’t mean I can’t draw any other way, and it doesn’t mean I can’t share a bit of everything on my blog. And especially as this kind of style has happened quite organically (I definitely wasn’t looking for it, it just kept cropping up in my sketches) I’m eager to explore it and refine it into something of my own. :)

    I think this lady’s name is Shay and she has a cool treetop neck tattoo. 

  5. A face study from last night’s life drawing session :)

    10 minutes, willow charcoal. 

  6. i really love thestrals. i just think their design is incredible. i’ve been doing a lot of drawing for uni recently with not much time to spare for personal drawing, but yesterday i gave myself permission to scribble a sweet thestral who, as you can see, is having a think about plum blossoms. 

  7. These are the finished original drawings from a project I did titled ‘Elements and Compounds’ for uni. They’re based on the cover of Kina Grannis’s recent album Elements. Each drawing references an allusion to nature from within Kina’s lyrics, and each drawing is on a different layer of tracing paper to create the complete image when aligned. The final project has multiple iterations which I’ll be uploading as soon as I can take some nice pictures, along with a full explanation of my process and concept. :) 

    You can see a few different WIP images here

  8. a WIP! :D This is for a uni project in which I am deconstructing the personality of Kina Grannis according to her new album Elements. I’ve taken note of all the times she refers to nature (like leaves, fire, trees, etc) and have applied those references to a section of her album cover. Each section is on a different layer of tracing paper so I can switch the opacity around in cool ways.

    you can see the finished original drawings here

  9. We had a really lovely model this week. She had a lot of attitude in her poses, so I tried to focus on getting that attitude rather than getting perfect proportions. As you might except this meant that a lot of my drawings where really disproportionate so I will be working on finding that balance next time! 

    Still obsessed with willow charcoal. I had no idea you guys. No idea.

  10. It’s just a study but i drew this skull in class the other day and wanted to show you. i’m just very happy with how it turned out. I normally can’t be bothered dealing with charcoal but i did this in willow charcoal and i’m really into it.

    i was referencing a sculpture, not a real skull, which is why there’s no lower jaw connection. this poor individual could never open their mouth. i imagine that probably contributed to their death.