1. princess bunny has a flower crown <3

  2. Byrd of Prey by Deanna Hewitt (on tumblr)

  3. some colour experiments. I really like the first image, but i’m not sure if i’ll ever get around to finishing it properly.

  4. Good Dog by Deanna Hewitt (on tumblr)

  5. some process of this image.

  6. a slightly oddly coloured polar bear..?

    process images here

  7. this morning i painted with actual paint! it’s an experiment for my first painting assignment, they’re based on the distortion of light in bent windows and mirrors.

  8. just an end of the week kind of drawing :]

  9. Mermaid by Deanna Hewitt (on tumblr)

  10. some character practice with a grumpy ibis